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Rapid Prototyping:     3D Mouse Weight Reduction

Download: eDrawing (exe)

  A 3D mouse is a very handy tool for all who works with 3D CAD.

The 3D mouse from 3Dconnexion comes with a heavy base part. The high weight is necessary to make the mouse stable on the desktop but is also the reason that most user newer bring it along with their laptop computer. The control knob on the 3D mouse is fragile and can also curse problems during transportation.

To reduce the weight a replacement part for the metal base was made from plastic.

First the original metal base was measured and the replacement part was designed in SolidWorks. The CAD file was send to Shapeways and the replacement part was made on a rapid prototyping machine.

Below is a series of photos on how the original metal base part was replaced by the new plastic part.

The 3D mouse was reduced to 20% of the original weight!

It is possible to get this new plastic foot from the 4TECH Shop at Shapeways


Replacing the base part:

Here is a series of photos on how the metal base part was replaced with the new plastic part.

Hand rest plate:

To compensate for the new low weight a detachable hand plate was designed and made from ply wood. This hand plate is both as a stabilizer for the 3D mouse and as a hand rest plate.

Cardboard cover for transportation:

To protect the control knob a transportation protection was made from a cardboard tube. The new plastic base part was designed to fit with the tube. Tube inner diameter: 81 mm

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